Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm shaping some plans to write a book about God's liberating plans for women. I can't recount the number of times I've had long conversations with women and girls that still don't understand the kind of freedom God has for His people - particularly women.
Women are still the most oppressed people group in the world. They are systemically killed and aborted and subjugated. This is a far cry from the kind of creation that God exclaimed 'very good' over! I'm determined to get the Word out - God's kingdom includes a whole different set of values and His strategy to bring Good News to the earth involves women...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

NEW STOP THE TRAFFIK video (disturbing but important).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

catching up to Ash Wednesday

I forgot about Ash Wednesday - a fairly central event on the Church calendar that kicks of the "LENT" season where we prepare ourselves for the Passover (Easter). It seems quite ironic to miss the start of what has often been an increased season of prayer, reflection and personal discipline - when I've also been trying to pay attention to those things this year. Funny how busyness is like an infection and spreads to all areas of our lives. The seemingly inevitable inertia of small projects simply hip-checks the huge realities of Christ's journey to the side. I feel bad. Not the kind of bad where I'm overladen with guilt and can't catch-up - just bad that I missed it...bad that I allow the tyranny of the urgent to crowd out the important moments of reflection.. bad that I preach about discipline and lack it myself. hmmm. that said - what I have been reflecting on (and in community) is the Exodus account... which of course is the beginning of the story of Passover... pointing to Easter and all that jazz... I was reflecting today (in my catch up) about how Jesus also began his long walk to freedom (the cross and resurrection) with a confrontation in the Temple (you know the whole turning the tables episode?!). And of course that Pharaoh confronting occasion was all about justice... hmmm. So, I may be busy and running around and trying to play catch-up in a multitude of ways - but I'm only one day late... I'm going to spread ashes on my checks too in penance ;-) - and I'm definately going to be eating the Passover meal with my coat on and my gown tucked in - chewing as fast as I can.. ready. ready. ready. ready to go on God's word and make a sprint for the red sea! FREEEEEDOOM. Bring. It. On.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

confronting Pharoah

our cell group has been looking at exodus and for some preach prep I've also been looking at Exodus and it's an incredible book - particularly the take down of Egypt. A few things I've been thinking about:
1. confrontation of cultural norms takes guts and is often done (first) alone
Moses has to obey God in the first confrontation of Pharaoh. This has got to be a scary thing.. I mean I know we've been educated on The Prince of Egypt and the lovely idea that Pharaoh actually loved Moses and all that jazz.... but the Bible paints a different story. The direct confrontation of Pharaoh was potentially the death of Moses (and Moses knew it - thus all the whining...) - but HE DOES IT ANYWAY. That my friends, is the way we de-throne the enemy. radical obedience.

2. confrontation of cultural norms/gods is hard work.
After the initial confrontation Pharaoh doubles the work of the Israelite slaves... it now costs them more than ever before. Does it feel like freedom? no. To get up the nerve to confront culture takes a lot of effort and energy - then to deal with the ramifications of it - well, that is the really hard work. If you get rid of your TV for example - a VERY hard confrontation in a culture addicted to it. You have the hard work of deciding to do it - then doing something else instead... reading, games as a family, creativity etc.. it's hard work. It's hard work to decide and then to explain - how do you explain getting rid of your TV without confronting the dominant culture in other people... it's tough.

3. confrontation of cultural norms/gods is the first part of freedom. We hear alot about freedom and how great it is and how 'easy' it should be - like an instant deliverance... but I've been thinking of the time lapse between the Moses and Pharaoh encounters... I mean it was whole seasons, years of signs... and even during all the plagues, the Israelites are still slaves... confrontation of dominant culture in order to be free is hard work.

4. confrontation of cultural norms/gods attracts suffering. This is just the reality of confrontation. It hurts. It's bound to hurt. It's the kind of hurt that is worth it - but it attracts suffering - whether it's from the hands of the dominant culture itself - like a Pharaoh trying to maintain His authority and pride - or from the hands of the slaves you are trying to free because of the cost involved... it's bound to be misunderstood and result in suffering. It's no reason to back away - but it is a reality in the confrontation of false gods.

There is a lot more to say and a lot more I'm being challenged with personally... but this journey into freedom - wow - that is something to live for, something to die for even. And I'm in. All the way in. I've been wondering lately if I'm confronting Pharaoh enough - perhaps I need to take a deep breath and march into a dominant cultural norm and confront it with the deep love and beauty of a Jesus life... perhaps I'm just gearing up for Surrender...

Friday, February 5, 2010


Even though SURRENDER is a conference, it’s also an invitation. An invitation to SEE powerlessness and poverty locally and globally, to HEAR God’s heartbeat for justice and to JOIN with the Jesus who pours out his life in loving the lost and least. It’s about going on the journey together in unity with His Spirit … the journey of SURRENDER.

Surrender, a partner of Just Salvos, is a movement dedicated to the radical call of discipleship and the mobalisation of every Christian to hear and respond to the call of Jesus towards mission among the poor.

Speakers from all around the world, musicians and artists of the highest quality, all practitioners in social justice action in local contexts, provide us with an amazing opportunity to participate by sending delegates to this conference.

Three years in a row, I’ve attended and participated and watched God move ordinary radicals in declaring God’s kingdom come in new and amazing ways.

Surrender’s partnership taps into a deep-rooted Salvationist calling and mission to announce good news to the poor - up close and personal. This year there will be a Salvation Army stream (running through-out the conference) that will gather Salvationist delegates to maximize our time together in preparation for action through opportunities and strategies in Australia – local and national.

Don't miss this last weekend of early bird registration.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The newest Corps innovation in the Australian Southern Territory is isalvos.
Tonight the live broadcast featured a discussion on holiness with Rowan Castle, Stephen Court and Olivia Munn (live from USA)... great discussion - to be sure the great feature for me was the live chat at the same time with folks from around the world. Amazing opportunity to discuss and pray together... to interact with one another. Don't forget the amazing worship contribution from Phil Leager - a legend!
Tonight made me desire holiness more. Why not tune in and check it out for yourself: isalvos
The leaders of this initiative are Grant and Bev Whitehead - holy warriors themselves. Good on ya both! thanks for your ministry tonight. And may perfect love so fill me that it leaks.