Thursday, January 20, 2011

Go to this website and STOP THE MONSTER

I like Kanye West... at least I used too. But this cheap idea of pushing the envelope to push your sales up is not only weak but very destructive towards women. Please let him know that you want him to do something better... check out this campaign TODAY and record your two cents... write on his facebook wall... sign a petition... anything to make your voice heard. This is NOT OK and we need to SPEAK UP. It's time we used our voice. Do it today.

Monday, January 3, 2011

William Booth on SPEED...

Does salvation travel as fast as sin? See how wickedness spreads. Talk about a prairie fire ? it devours everything before it. Does Salvation keep pace with our ever-growing population? Make the calculation in your most favoured Christian cities, and you will find we are terribly behind in the race. Do we keep pace with the devils in energy and untiring labour Do we go as fast as death? Oh, say no more! We’ll close our ears to this cold, unfeeling, stony-hearted utterance of unbelief.

LET US GO FASTER! We must increase the speed if we are to keep pace with the yearnings of the Almighty Heart of Love that would have all men to be saved. We must go faster if we are to have a hand in the fulfilment of the prophecies. Read the sixtieth chapter of Isaiah, and think of the speed that must be reached before all that comes true. We must go faster if we would wipe out the reproach and taunts of the mocking infidels who are ever asking for living proof of God’s existence. We must increase our pace before our own prayers are answered, our own expectations realized, our own relations converted, and our own consistency proved.

My comrades, the General issues the command to every country, and to every division, and to every corps, and to every soldier-to advance. The pace of the past is to be no standard for the future. We must go faster. Obstacles, difficulties, and enemies shall be swept before us, and the mouths of those who condemn us shall be forever stopped before the Lord.