Friday, June 21, 2013

Living in overflow and other ideas...

My husband (18 years today) and I decided to write a book together. We wrote on the subject that unites us - salvation. Stephen and I are salvation people - like William Booth described Salvation Army folks years ago, "we are a salvation people. Getting saved, keeping saved and getting someone else saved!" What we came to realize is that it's hard to effectively communicate what salvation is these days... It often takes a longer journey and discussion with people to discover just what the invitation and experience of salvation is. That's why we wrote the book - to help the conversation - to further the journey so people can taste and see God. Our prayer is that it would be a simple tool in the hands of a mighty God! If you'd like to check it out for yourself or grab one for a friend the link is here.

What has kept Stephen and I on pace with each other for eighteen years is an adventure we are on with Jesus. This salvation life is an incredibly rich one - and I thank God daily for the opportunity to ride! May you find life in the overflow. 


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