Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Asylum Seekers...

Been talking with some folks today about Asylum Seekers/Refugees in Australia.
I think we could/should/ought to do more for people who come from other countries seeking shelter/provision.
This is a huge issue in a justice sense... and an even bigger issue in a Biblical sense.
Many commands that have to do with what justice looks like in scripture (particularly the old testament) have to do with caring for the 'alien - the foreigner or the refugee' (and the new testament virtually makes being a Christian a way into the 'refugee' status!) How many do you know?
Have you met someone from another culture and actually had them over for dinner? or spent anytime with them at all?

I met a women who was from another country who told me a bit of her story. She found herself fleeing from a domestic violence situation with two young boys.. no money, no community and no where to go! She eventually got a 'package' which consisted of an apartment next door to drug dealers where she was scared to go out of her house - and 10 paid for english classes... as a result she has never been able to finish taking English so her speaking skills are limited... she could take more at 29 dollars an hour (IF she had anyone to watch her kids!!!). It's crazy.

That's just one story - there are soooo many like it. We have an opportunity to enter into another world... a bigger, connected world where our cultures can be enriched by others.

Why not take some time to meet someone this week who isn't like you. Be their friend - or at least make some significant attempt?!
I think we could do some advocacy, awareness, programs social provision, housing... but if we really want to change the world - we ought to take the responsibility ourselves and choose to widen our influence to include those in our own country from another land! It's what God in the flesh looks like. Be the body.

Monday, April 28, 2008

the lion, the bear and the battle...

So had a great Urban Conversation today at 614 Melbourne about human trafficking in Australia. People are interested and getting involved.. it's very encouraging. I was wondering though, after talking with another friend about the connection between external fights and internal battles...
I couldn't help but think of David - who when he saw goliath taunting Israel knew that he could fight him because David had already fought the lion and the bear and had won - when no-one was watching... except maybe some sheep.
Then I'm thinking the same thing happened with Samson - on his way to Philistines... he was surprised by a lion and it tried to kill him but he rose up and defeated the lion -and no one knew... and I think somehow this all relates to holiness.

Holiness isn't just inward purity - it's inward victory that results in powerful external battles being waged and won by warriors who know how to fight because they've fought the greatest battle of all - the internal battle with sin - when no one was looking. The whole 'dead to self thing' (check out Romans if you need more explanation). I've found in my life that that battle happens more than once... sometimes it seems the dead parts try to rise up and the battle happens again... Samson and David are also great examples of this (except not so great - because they didn't fair so well the second, third, fourth time...). I'm praying for a sustained holiness, a deepening of the inward victory - a widening of the external battles... I'm praying for grace in the midst of the inward battle and the outward victory. I guess I'm just living up to one of my nicknames... 'gracehog'! Bring it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Whose problem is it?

I had a chance to connect with the Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) while in the UK last week.
This initiative is a fantastic response to a community problem.
The reality about trafficking is that everyone has someone to blame.
Whose problem is it?
The answer is that it is everyone's responsibility to combat trafficking.
Take a look at the website and see what one community of people who took responsibility for trafficking in their neighbourhood have done - and then have a look around your own community - and let's take the lead together.
I'm tired of the blame game... it's the government, the police, the salvation army... it's always someone else.. it's time everyday, ordinary people began to solve the problem...anyone, anyone...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thailand - the oldest profession or the oldest oppression?

I was in Bangkok for a few days this week. Took a look at one of the largest industries for the Thai economy - prostitution. An estimated 20,000 women in Bangkok alone are currently selling their bodies in order to make enough money to eat and support their families.

In the midst of that there are some valiant and creative people who are offering alternative employment, schooling, and housing/support in order to give Thai women a real choice! These folks are an inspiration of courage and gospel. To quote one of them who spoke of the alarming number of women who want out of their situation. 'We could help 1000's of women exit prostitution if we had the resources.' I couldn't help but think of them (and many women around the world) who are 'choosing' to sell themselves. How many of them would choose something else if they also had some options... and who is going to give them options?

If the gospel is something - it is about an opportunity to choose love. I'm praying for the labourers of the gospel in Bangkok's sex industry... I'm praying for more of them and a strengthening of their resolve in the midst of a sea of poverty. Mostly, I'm praying for creative, resilient responses that create alternative income for Thailand and for women around the world. Why not join the fight today?

check these sites for more info:
rahab ministries

Monday, April 21, 2008


I had a great time at springharvest this past week in Minehead.
Lots of new relationships made and some great people working towards bringing heaven to earth.
A real privilege to be with others who are about Kingdom business.
I was thinking today about the potential for change if every Christian took the words of Jesus seriously and engaged in living a different way - can you imagine it? It really could transform the world... let's do it already!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The King Rising

Did a session today about the rising of Jesus... the resurrection power at work in the world.
Used a clip from the chidren of men... fantastic scene where the sight of a baby in a world with no children where just the sight of the child brings peace to violence and hope to darkness...

it was a great reminder of the truth of God's presence in the world. Well worth living for...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jealous of the hungry...

Great article on the absolute craziness of our world when young Western girls think hungry kids have it good in a desperate attempt to stay skinny. Check it out and then check out justlose - a community approach to battling the inequalities of our world with regard to excess and want. Why not try?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Who defines 'cool'?

Great article at adbusters on who defines cool...

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Getting back to grassroots here in Melbourne at the Forge network conference.
It's worth going to if you are in Melbourne - still lots of stuff to come.
Sally Morgenthaller compelled us to be authentic and true to who God made us to be - good to remember.
It may even be worth reading through Psalm 139 and thank God He knows what He's doing!
You are beautiful.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Homeleague and Fairtrade...

I was at a homeleague today... informing, and educating the troops on how they can make a difference in the world. We covered a bunch of stuff but one thing we looked at again is fairtrade...

By changing to fair trade today or getting involved in events, you can change the lives of farmers and producers across the developing world. Through such simple actions you can demonstrate support for producers and can trigger a positive change in peoples' lives in developing countries so why not Taste It, Try It, Support It ... Change It, Choose It.... this Fair Trade Fortnight.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Roof OVer every head

The Oasis documentary and the youth homelessness report is already gaining great media and public attention in Australia.
This is sure to be a great opportunity to use our voice on behalf of those who can't get people to hear their story!
Is it possible that in a country as resourceful and wealthy as Australia that 22,000 young people are homeless every night.
Surely it's a challenge to every salvationist, Christian and even your everyday average australian bloke?
Come on people - surely we can make a difference.
Check out this article in The Australian by David Eldridge - a giant of reform!
Then make sure you tune in to ABC at 9pm on Thursday night for the premier of the film AND then make sure you think about how you can contribute to a solution.

There is much to do. God help us.
As U2 once sang, 'please, get up off your knees now.' - let's put some of our prayers into living colour.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

From the Ambassador for Prayer...

To All Salvationists & Friends of the USA Eastern Territory

Re: Prayer & Fasting for General Shaw Clifton -- Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dear Friends,

Please be in prayer and fasting for our General, Shaw Clifton, as he undergoes surgery tomorrow (Saturday, April 5, 2008) in follow up to chemotherapy treatments which he has been receiving for the past several months and are now completed.

I encourage you to set aside a day a week for the next several months for prayer and fasting for the General's health and healing, as well as for Commissioner Helen Clifton and their family.

This is our privilege and responsibility at this hour. Please share this invitation widely.

Thou art coming to a King
Large petitions with thee bring
For His grace and power are such
None can ever ask too much.

Fullness in Christ,

Janet Munn
Ambassador for Prayer & Spiritual Formation
USA Eastern Territory



You have been given fullness in Christ. Colossians 2:10
My house shall be called a house of prayer. Isaiah 56:7

New Zealand alive with Passion for Jesus!

Just back from new Zealand. While there I was able to participate in the JUST Action conference (social justice focused - holy spirit inspired) and the Freedom Congress - celebrating 125 years since the start of the SA in new Zealand.. the army was launched there by a 20 and 19 year old - David collinson take note... and is still going strong!
People were saved, sanctified and filled with holy passion to change the world! I can't wait to see more and more pace setting by the Kiwi's.
I remember reading the website of the new Zealand Salvation Army when they stated their two objectives were:
1. to eradicate poverty
2. to live simply

those are related - and I recall being PUMPED up that the NZ Salvation army had the boldness to say it outloud. Campbell Roberts is a legend! What a joy to be among those rowdy salvationists... infectious joy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Oasis Movie

check out the film here: http://www.theoasismovie.com.au/om/default.htm#

22,000 homeless youth in austrlalia - a heart wrenching look at a few of their lives, more indepth.
Even more stunning is the humilty of Paul Moulds - willing to lend his own reputation in order to tell their story with honesty, conviction and hope.
Despair is tempting - but the light of the gospel is undeniable... God is able to break every chain.
Pray for homeless youth - then get off your knees and find one... journey with them to wholeness.
God help us indeed.