Thursday, May 31, 2007

choose life.

Deuteronomy 30:19 (New International Version) This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

Got some bad news today about a good friend who struggled to choose life, daily. I often wonder why God gave us free will when we use it against ourselves. The tragedy deepens when you know her family history. I'm mad at the devil. I want to break every generational cycle of sin - by choosing life. Could it be that simple? I think so. Just choose life. In every situation...
-when you want to speak 'death' - choose life instead, speak goodness.
-when you desire 'death' by addiction - choose life instead, seek help and community support.
-when you are tempted to give in to 'death' in relationships because they are hard - choose life instead by walking through the storm and finding peace together.
Jesus does not stand off. He is not at a distance. He IS life... choosing life is choosing Him... to be present in everything - to draw near... what's OUR part? simple. choose life. I wish my friend could have choosen it yesterday. God help us choose you today.


Anonymous said...

You said "I often wonder why God gave us free will when we use it against ourselves"

We have created computers, they can be clever, they can do so many things, but they do not have free will. Each operates exactly as they are programmed. This may be wonderful for getting things done but it makes it impossible to have a relationship with a computer.
I get the picture God is pretty big on the relationship side of things. If we had no free will, would we be just like computers, doing what we were programmed, unable form a relationship with Him?

Shellrock! said...

Danielle - wow, perfect timing for me to pop on to your blog and read it... it really inspired me and has brought some comfort and encouragement to my heart - thanks for sharing this.


With Holy Discontent said...

I'm with you sister.

armybarmy said...

the robot option isn't much of one for personal relationship - I was just thinking it would be easier for personal pain... then again, a quote from The King and I, "if this is love, why is it such excruciating pain?" Perhaps our understanding of relationship needs to mature past the disney specials?
just thinking - thanks for your comments guys.

Rob Reardon said...


How painful it is to feel like that despite all our efforts all we can simply do is stand by and watch those into whom we've poured our lives into make the choices that lead to death - physically & spiritually. We've re-upped our passion to live out Jude 23, to do all that God enables us to do to rescue those that are perishing and to help them choose life!