Tuesday, August 21, 2007


you must check out this site:

I watched a movie clip about cocoa farm slaves this last week-end. Killed me.
I'm struck by the fact that our 'pleasures' (coffee, chocolate, sex) are what enslaves thousands of people. It's not that we 'need' these things. But even after telling a group of girls, one of them said, 'I couldn't live without my chocolate!'. Now, I understand that they just don't get the reality of the situation - but still - I think the progression of oppression (yes, that's what I said) is such that we are the enslaved as well. We are enslaved to our own greed, lust and pleasures - and it's killing us (obesity) and it's killing them (slavery). Let's get free.
I had this idea: JustLose - you get in a team of 10 people. Every team pays $1000 to participate. Then we compete to see who can lose the most for justice. We give the money to a trafficking project in the developing world. What do you think?
It will help us (with obesity) and them (with slavery).
It's a justice focused weight loss program... bringing us together for health - but not just a self-focused attempt - but a community committed to being better global brothers and sisters...
I think it's worth losing.


Kathleen said...

I'd be in on that for sure.


Great idea, Pete went on a "Biggest Loser" funderaiser for the local Youth Ministry last year, raised a bit of money lost a lot of weight (got some of it back since college!) and inspired many people to do the same in the process!
We were toying with the idea of a group thing annually, so I think its a great idea!!!!!
It would certainly make a lot of sense to send the money to fund a trafficking project (rather than junk food & video games for youth ministries!).
2 places I'm sure will be interested - Werribee Corps & the College... go for it!

Leo Killion said...

Rob and I where at the store the other day and he was saying some of the names of the people that do this injustice. What are some other names of the groups saling this chocolate???

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that a crushing clip!!

Only a couple of days earlier over the lunch at the leadership day I was totally shocked that people were giving up chocolate. Until the weekend I had no idea that this existed.

On the Thursday I couldn't imagine my life without chocolate - a few friends and I always joke that chocolate is our one vice now that we are saved and can't drink, drug, crime or have sex (of course I'm grateful I've been freed from these things!)

Now I can't imagine eating chocolate I know to profit the unethical and unjust farming of cocoa. I was a block a day girl until I saw that clip - and haven't eaten it since (my body is not pleased and my staff probably think I'm a little grumpy....).

Lets continue to raise the awareness and be the change. Hopefully though no-one discovers injustice in strawberry farming or I'll be really screwed! ;)

Enjoy the ride.

Michelle White

armybarmy said...

the real trick is BUYING and EATING tonnes of slave-free chocolate - to help their industry... so, don't be grumpy sis... go, find some fairtrade chocolate and munch out - it will help our brothers and sisters on the legit farms - working hard for a living. Stay tuned for a list of easy to get in Aus. fairtrade chocolate! Your staff will thank me!

Anonymous said...

Bring it on.

It may take a while to develop a taste for it after being blessed with Cadbury's, but hey - it's chocolate. What can be better than eating that for a cause! Did someone say this is heaven on earth :)

My staff are all on the slave free road now too!And they've told their families, and one of their daughter's has even given back her school fundraising chocolate and informed her school of the issues! There is power in knowlege and numbers! Let's keep getting the word out!

Shell :)

oz said...

dude...im LOVING your blog these days! yes yes yes to everything your sayin'! love this idea....and i totally have been looking for good books on slavery....think ive been looking in the wrong place tho...need to get my hands on a copy of this.thanks for challenging us and rekindling those things that lie dormint deep within us.