Friday, September 21, 2007

extreme rich-poor divides

(HT:PL) Here’s a quick selection of shocking photos / google maps links to start the day. they all illustrate an extreme degree of wealth divide in different parts of the world.
(above: check out the size of the tennis courts in comparison to the size of the housing on the left)
the shantytown area in the photo is called paraisópolis favela, which bizarrely translates as ‘paradise city’.

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Aaron said...


It is interesting to see in the comments section of this web page people espousing the view that if the poor had access to money, they would just waste it, not knowing what to do with it.

This presupposes that the people who have the wealth now actually know what to do with it, and are doing a reasonable job with the resources. Which is utter bilge, of course. It seems the "proper" thing to do with wealth is to horde it (rather than "waste" it) to get nice things for yourself and to build walls and weapons to protect such things.

This is not to say that the people currently poor would do a better job. The problem is inside, not outside. But the myth that the currently wealthy (and I count myself amongst the currently wealthy) are somehow more trustworthy with the resources is aggravating.