Saturday, February 16, 2008

One easy step towards social justice...

Some great justice thoughts happening on the JUSTSalvo blog - check it out.

And on that note - one of the hardest things about social justice (suggests the founder of the International Justice Mission, Gary Haughan) is getting started.

Have you thought about social justice and the way you live?

One good idea:

1. buy fairtrade - this can be a pain - but a good one... a reminder of the pain developing workers face daily when their labour doesn't produce enough to feed their families. Fairtrade is trying to offer one solution - why not support it? Some people have suggested it's too expensive or it doesn't taste as good... my response has been that it's worth paying a fairprice - and it probably wouldn't do us bad to remember the cost to the labourers... and the taste - why, I can't believe you've tried enough kinds - there are a whole variety of products.. why not try fairtrade until you find one you like... speaking of which - if you are a salvo, you can even buy your fairtrade at Trade! if not, go to for a complete listing of fairtrade products in your country...

the fierce debate at Justsalvos is about chocolate... my suggestion is NOT to stop buying (or eating) chocolate.. just buy a good kind... one that you can know is 'slave free'. Buy fairtrade - it takes care of several things at once.

I mean, what is there not to like about the option to do social justice by EATING and DRINKING! whhoooo hooo.

Will it cost? yep. Is it worth it? yep. Will it bring glory to God? yep.

Why not decide to make the switch today - then tell everyone about it (especially your local cafes!). I think we could change the world.

Be blessed.


jsi said...

I was talking with my mother-in-law today as we were travelling to our oldest son's hockey tourney, and she had the newspaper with her and was reading me articles as I drove. She got to an article about chocolate and I started expressing our family's convictions about Fair Trade chocolate and coffee, and the conversation lasted longer than an hour.
Never underestimate the power of loving conversation, especially with the people who are the closest to you. She had never imagined the power and presence of slavery was still active in the world.

armybarmy said...

yes... good reminder that awareness is a big part of the journey.

stampnmichelle said...

Being a life long lover of chocolate, I had never considered the production of the cocoa bean. I had certainly never heard that my consumption of chocolate is basically supporting child labour which is a totally abhorrent thought. Having read various articles and thought through various considerations, my latest concern is for the children themselves. If we ban the children from working then we will be condemning them to further poverty especially in the short term (being many years) as there is no government assistance for the children and their family. Do you have any knowledge on this or how we can address both issues at the same time. I feel at this stage that there needs to be a 2 pronged approach to this sad situation?