Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Westcare rocks...

I was privilege to get a small look into what Westcare Salvation Army does in the western suburbs of Melbourne today... it's incredible.
And it makes a lot of sense... often The Salvation Army works with those at the end of their rope - who are at the bottom of the barrel - in drug addiction and the like... but we don't often enough look at the root causes of that rejection and intervene earlier to prevent the end of the road... Westcare is primarily a youth services program that really tries to target those kids who are at risk of social exclusion...
foster care
residential services
and much much more... they need foster parents.. i met with a couple of carers this afternoon - and they are people with a practical hope of redemption who are willing to embrace kids... in all shapes and sizes.. perhaps one thing you can do right now for social justice is to apply to be a foster parent... who knows the kind of impact you can make in a life... stay tuned for more details..

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Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle,

This sounds totally awesome. It is something I am SOOOOOOO passionate about - especially the foster care stuff. I believe that as God's people we could make a MASSIVE impact on the lives of kids through early intervention - and not only change their physical circumstances for good, but also their eternal destinations. I would love to see a network of Salvo foster carers throughout the nation coupled with some other early intervention programs for both the kids and families that will ultimately bring about restoration....would be great to talk to ya about this....

By the way....was great to see ya at Sydney Unlimited and hear ya teach - some solid and challenging stuff. Thanks heaps for all the prep you do, and the willingness you have to share what you've learned along the journey - makes a huge difference in lives - and has done in mine. You go girl - You rock!!

Bless Ya

Macquarie Fields Salvos