Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who Will Deliver Us?

Had some stimulating conversation with my Dad today about the book of Judges... the pattern of God's people to expect and demand someone 'else' to help them and bring them into freedom is amazing. Then it seems once God does raise someone up (even someone from among them) instead of following their example and walking out their freedom - they tend to worship them and continue to spectate instead of participate.. sound familiar?
Commissioner William Francis suggested at the Harvest of Hope Congress in Toronto recently that the greatest thing the Salvation Army needs is your own holiness... that is to say - if only we would walk in our own victory, freedom and deliverance we wouldn't constantly be looking outside of ourselves for the answers... could it be that simple?
I think it may just be that simple.


Anonymous said...

This is a good word for us to hear. As a Christian supporting Obama, I am excited at the prospect of a black man becoming President and all that will mean for our country and the world, but I cringe when people hold him up as the Messiah, come to "save our nation". I think it's a very dangerous expectation and reminiscent of the many times Israelites have done the same thing. We ought to have learned from their mistake, yes?

Bernard said...

I'm sure you're right - it's Christ 'in' us, who is the hope of our glorious victory, freedom and deliverance - He is all we need - thanks Danielle.