Friday, December 12, 2008

Human Rights

There is a growing debate and action around a Human Rights charter in Australia.
Get informed and active in the debate at this site: Get Up. Your Rights, Your Say
This government consultation is a once in a lifetime chance to call for a Human Rights Act to permanently protect human rights in Australia.

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Bernard said...

I’m sure the intent behind Human Rights charters is positive, and much good can come to a country from having such in place.

However, sinful human nature is not above taking such legislation and using it for negative ends. In the UK there has been for some time now an increasing frustration with the misuse of our Human Rights legislation, to the extent that the Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, has now acknowledged that the act has flaws and vows to put them right. A recent article in the national paper Daily Mail 08/12/08 is headlined, ‘Justice Secretary on the great Human Rights shambles – Greedy lawyers, terrorists we can’t kick out, and why we must change this charter for villains, by Jack Straw’. The newspaper’s editorial comment is headlined, ‘Human rights and a villain’s charter’. Without agreeing with every statement in these articles it would seem that rights have not always been balanced with responsibilities, and when different rights have been in conflict the rights of one party has been negated.

I trust and pray that in the debate which is going on in Australia you may be able to learn from the UK’s experience and see a charter put in place which is more robust and less open to abuse, and so more in line with the will of God.

May the Lord by His grace give you wisdom in your debate.