Monday, February 2, 2009

Now Time

One of my favourite thoughts of God (made popular by Paul Tillich) is 'the eternal now'. I remember the day it began to blow my mind that God was never in the future or in the past but in the present (ALL OF THE TIME)... 'I AM' is how he first describes Himself to Moses. it's also the language of The Kingdom of God, 'now is the time' 'today is the day' etc..
Being in the present is not only a discipline worth cultivating but it's also imitating God. Today I was thinking about things past and things future and the Lord reminded me to get present. Today is the day. Spend it all now. Do the thing in front of you today. Live in the moment and the fullness of God's eternal NOW. I'm giving it a go.

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Bernard said...

Thanks for sharing that helpful thought Danielle. I’m not familiar with Tillich’s writings, but it’s an interesting perspective.

I would perhaps add that I would also understand God to always also be in the past and the future, as well as the present. Not only that, He is always outside, above and below … the past, present and future. Always ‘around’, always ‘in’ … ever ‘in’ and ever ‘around’, all of time.

So, as our present ever moves from past to future, we will never move outside God, but only with Him … to love and serve Him.

Thanks again for the thought.