Sunday, July 26, 2009

find out what makes big churches popular...

To provide context for the “30 Sermons You’d Never Hear in Church,” we decided to look at 20 sermons you would hear in church – at least if you were at one of the ten largest churches in Canada or the U.S.What is said from the pulpits of these churches that makes them so popular? To find out, the Geez research team chose a random Sunday (April 13) and started downloading sermons from the ten largest churches in the U.S. and the ten largest in Canada (see lists below). Here is some of what we found. Read the whole article (This article, submitted by Geez Magazine, was awarded first place by the Canadian Church Press in the A.C. Forrest Memorial Award category, 2009.) Hattip to Michael Ramsey (read his blog here).

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