Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The lion and the lamb

I've been thinking about the image in revelation of the lion laying down with the lamb.
recently my son and I watched the new disney production called 'earth' that follows around some animals in their attempts to survive the harsh realities of nature - particularly with global warming throwing off a natural rhythm. There were many sad parts in the film - and there was a tremendous beauty as well.
that said, the lions in this film were all too thrilled to attack prey and eat them - all because of their survival instinct.
Revelation suggests that this animosity - this natural inclination to attack and eat each other will be gone and there will be enough for everyone and everything... no more violence necessary.
But I was also thinking that the reality of that kind of world means a perfect mixture of justice and love. And that the lion in scripture often represents Jesus coming with Justice and the Lamb often represents Jesus coming and laying down his life in love. The image of the lion and the lamb lying down together struck me the other day as a representation of the perfection and completion of God's plan... righteousness and justice... a perfect picture of justice and redemption.
May justice and love unite and lay down together - creating a perfect world. Now that's something to roar about!

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