Friday, March 5, 2010

Claudio Oliver

If you have a chance you may want to check out the lecture Claudio Oliver gave at the Southern Australia Training College Social Justice class. It was incredibly interested... when asked what he does he mentioned that he was a conspiracy specialist... and then broke down the Christian meaning of the word conspiracy etc.. it was fascinating. He is a challenging guy - and you can tune in to the lecture at - be prepared to be challenged and inspired. Be warned though - it's not for the fainthearted!
We also had the joy of the company of many current witnesses to the power of incarnation as a gospel strategy... amazing stuff really. What a joy to have some time to share the good news of the gospel with great hearts and warriors as we travel together.
Also, this weekend will feature some Surrender events on isalvos (we will stream them live as we can!). Stay tuned.


Cannabis said...

Went to Surrender Saturday late afternoon.

Found out I needed a wrist and to get in at 7:00pm.

Went to the city to get some drugs instead.

Cannabis said...

Spoke to Claudio briefly. He may remember a conversation about community and evidence in Christianity. Because I see neither.

Where do you go to find that?

Closed, paid, ticketed, registered, membership-based, exclusive club, piss-off-you-don't-belong Christianity.

Anonymous said...
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