Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volcanic Ash and other fun things...

So, turns out the whole of the UK transit system is in lock down due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Who knew? I was remembering watching those end of the world movies where everyone is stuck and can't get to safety - turns out that it may not be that far fetched. Loads of people are either stuck in the UK and can't get out - or stuck out and can't get in. Heathrow airport is deserted.
I wonder if it may just be a divine hint to slow down and enjoy life a bit - a life always on the run is fun for a while but there is sometimes an invitation for us to take a break, slow down and smell the roses - hang with friends - waste some time.
I'm terrible at this. I'm much better in a constant state of 'catch up' where everything is pending and depends on me... this is a driver for me - the next book to be written, trip to take, speak to give, project to launch etc... but sometimes, if we listen we can hear the voice of God saying - let's just hang out and have some fun... could that be God?
The sabbath instruction was along these lines... it was to be a constant reminder (economically, socially, emotionally, spiritually) that the people of God were not born to be slaves!! That I can 'amen'. I'm praying that all of those people 'stuck' would listen and hear the divine invitation to throw their lives in the hands of a playful God - and simply have some fun. That would/could cause it's own volcanic eruption - in praise perhaps?


David said...

Do you think God is taking a break from helping Christians find parking spots and producing stigmata apparations in pieces of toast?

That's why God sends the oocasional natural disaster that indiscriminately destroys, or in this case, apparently, to give humans some time out.

Out of interest, do you support the evil spirit theory of illness? Guess you would have to pray to magic God for an answer.

Bernard said...

Trust your extended unintended stay in the UK will be a time of physical and spiritual refreshing, Danielle. I'm sure the Lord, who is sovereign over all things, will make it so.



Bernard said...

A further thought - as well as being a timely reminder to some to slow down and enjoy life with God - it may be that to many others in the UK and Europe, these events should be a reminder that if there is only us and 'Mother Nature' (as one media report described the cause of the volcanic eruption), then despite humankind's sophistication and technology, we are indeed the weakest link - this is just one erupting volcano ... just think what damage 5 or more erupting volcanos could do?

Maybe it's time to seek out and return to the Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ (Isaiah 45v22)?