Friday, September 9, 2011

the silence is over

Well, I've been a total slacker in the blog world. My apologies.
I have been writing elsewhere - but there really are no good excuses. So, instead of getting kicked off of Stephen Court's blogroll I've decided to pick up the slack and give it another go.
Thanks for your patience. :-)
I've been contemplating a new book with Jonathan Evans around the Exodus. After doing some workshops of that title at Soul Survivor I've realized again just how important this topic is. How do we get out of a culture that is so dominant - like excessive capitalism for example (I'll unpack this in some future blogs). But, I've been thinking a lot about how our 'normal' becomes normal. And the realities around that. For example: exercise. For some people a 10km run is a totally normal thing - and for others it's a crazy thought or simply a dream for crazy people.
I lived in an abnormal neighbourhood called The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver for years. And a few of us got so used to crazy as normal that we decided we would point out the things that weren't normal. So, a pregnant drug addict coming up to my newly engaged friends announcing that they have the perfect wedding gift - their baby!! is NOT normal and yet it is also normal. It's all in your perspective. Which begs the question - do we have the right perspective.
More of this later.
Glad we are talking again. :-)


Dean Roberts said...

Praise the Lord!

You're blogging, Danielle! Amazing stuff :)

I've added you to my reader :)

And, on the subject of the post - very good question. Very philisophical!

Many blessings,


Autumn said...

Danielle,I don't think we should escape a culture. The Hebrew tribe cave me an idea. - What about addressing it head on, until it is stripped of its power and glamour? Afterwards we can journey on, taking the spoils with us to be used for His glory.

Stripy Jumper said...

You mentioned your seminar at Soul Survivor about the Exodus and how the plight of the Israelites parallels many of us in today's consumerism-mad society- Thank you so much for raising that issue! I found it truly inspirational and have followed it up with an article in the school newspaper and assemblies...