Saturday, December 30, 2006

Blood Diamond

I've seen the movie Blood Diamond.
Very good film - several scenes and challenges for me:

1. how I live affects other people in the world. I cannot continue to live a luxurious life, eating until I'm over-filled while others starve. It isn't right. I'm constantly challenged on how our lifestyle choices in the Western world affect the developing world and the people there. I can choose to live another way.

2. I've met many refugees and find it hard to comprehend their stories of survival and violence and pain... I need to committ to being a friend to the 'foreigners' who are in our land... they need/deserve some/lottsa love.

3. The scene where the Father finds his son (who has been taken by the rebel forces and trained into a child killing machine)... and he talks to him about who he really is (not who they have made him to be)... is essentially the GOSPEL... I want to hear my Father's voice in the midst of the war telling me who I am... I'm sick of the enemy trying to convince me I'm something horrible instead of someone good.
Let's listen to our Father.

That's a few anyway - it's loaded with stuff...

even the whole subplot - can a bad man become a good man through one act of love?
Greater love has noone than this - a man lay down his life for a friend..


surrendered said...

wow, i wasn't gonna see that movie (not a big Lenoardo DiCapprio fan), but now I'm having 2nd thoughts. thanks.

Larry said...

Another great film is "The Pursuit of Happyness" Will Smith portrays Chris Gardner. It shows how easily people can fall into homelessness. It is also a tribute to a Father's love.

Will go see Blood Diamond. Thanks for the tip.

michelle said...

That's one of the things I miss about spending time with you... the way you take movies and show Jesus in them. Good stuff.

Matthew said...

I agree Danielle.
It was an excellent movie.
Rebekha and I saw it last week and we were both awe-struck with the big 'God moment' that you were talking about between the father and the son.
"You are my son. I am your father. They made you do terrible things. But it's ok, because you are my son, not theirs. You are my son and I am your father."
It was a great movie.
Thanks for your thoughts.
-Champ out