Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chicago Warriors

Here are some mighty fine warriors that I count it a privilege to fight along side of... this is back in Chicago - last year.
Good times.

For the record: the warriors were together in Chicago for an Young Adult Training Week-end.
Elaine Gillingham: chief intercessor
Heather Dolby: see post above - powerhouse!
Cory Harrison: author, preacher and great Spirit man (got kicked out/uninvited back - of Chicago for his controversal teach on the Holy Spirit at this event)
Jennifer Ivany: kicking it at London, ON
Yours truly.
Melinda Peters: Grand Poombah of GRACE... (tesified with power/taught from experience/stayed on in Chicago for a mission trip - fought hard along side the local warrior there).
Good time.


Jennifer said...

These are some Mighty fine warriors, I agree :)
Missin' the people in this picture that's for sure...

614 Charlotte said...

aww...right back atcha warrior babe.
thanks for the props D - looking forward to seeing you soon.