Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eye To Eye: Ishmael Beah (CBS News)

just reading 'a long way gone' Ishmael's account of his life as a child soldier. An excruciating experience just to read about it, but an important truth - what can we do to offer some comfort, create change - make a better world? God help us.


Denise said...

Saw this guy on 'The Hour' with George Stombolopolous last night. His words captivated me to think more into the injustice of child soldiers.
I'm not looking forward to reading the book - but I will.

by the bay said...

It brings to mind the story John Paul Lederach brings of Sam Doe, in 'The Journey Toward Reconciliation'. If you email me I will send it to you, it is a little too long for a comment here, but a powerful example of finding a transformative outcome to conflict under the most desperate circumstances.
Sister under private vows
Cornwall UK

Anonymous said...

Turns out Beah's work is a deception an a grand scale. The book is virtually a work of doubt aided by his adoptive mother's skill as a writer of fantasy. Everything about the book has been called into question, but Mr Beah is still going around the world pullin wool over people's eyes. He is truly loathsoem all the moreso as I weep for the real children, the victims of civil war in Wesrt Africa. Shame on him