Monday, July 16, 2007


One of the things that God has graced Iris' ministry in Mozambique with is great power. Spiritual power that is. Although they are among the 'least' they have great signs of power among them: people get healed (many children)- completely healed of AIDS and HIV... they've seen people raised from the dead (hundreds of them actually), and the deaf hearing, blind seeing etc.. The Bible tells us to hunger after all the gifts of the Spirit, and Jesus told the disciples that they (and us) would do even greater things than He did... last night I heard a great message on receiving more of the presence and power of Holy Spirit in our lives. Left me hungry for more of God.
I started to wonder what stops us from receiving more of God? In my life it's usually a short list of barriers:

1. unbelief: I can let skepticism grow a root and I don't come to God believing that I'll receive.

2. unworthiness: I think I don't deserve power (I get confused about Grace and gifts).

3. satisfaction: I become satisfied with where I am... apathy makes me indifferent to God's power.

4. comfort: I know that God's power comes at a great price (reputation, humility, persecution) and I often choose comfort over presence.

5. pride: in the end - it all boils down to this. I don't want to look weak, silly or wierd... I want to be dignified and holy (not sure this is even an option).

I was reminded last night, that God's presence and power is what sets us apart - it's not just some 'special moment' we have with signs and wonders... it should be an everyday adventure with God as our guide, living full lives of supernatural power - and bringing a change to the world because we are bursting with God.
I say let's beat down the barriers and charge forward for more of God... "Son of David, have mercy on me."


Simon Peter said...

Amen to that - a couple of weeks ago God made it very clear to me that I am NOTHING without Him! He made sure I knew that very well!!

I have the privelige of going to Rwanda in January on a mission trip and I really want to see all God is doing over there and humble myself so that God will allow me to bring their 'simple' faith - being dependant totally on God without all of our distractions in 'our' world back to Australia [if that makes sense]!

Thanks for this blog Danielle - some food for my thought!!

jsi said...

Hundreds raised from the dead - amazing!
What powerful testimony of healing and divine touch it brings!

Rochelle said...

Wow - incredible. Here in Zim, a lot of people go to faith healers and once they are healed of HIV/AIDS they go off their ARVs (medication). Then when doctors tell them that they have not been cured, their systems have become immune to the ARVs, and so they have to start a new course of treatment (that is unavailable or way too expensive). Life is complicated. But God is good. And man, $1/day sounds good. Most people are on $1/month here!

Anonymous said...

I admire so much what Heidi Baker is doing with the orphans!

I would, in one respect love to go to visit Africa, but in another.... with all those orphans I may have to stay there!

I long to have what the Bakers have!
Powerful presence of God!
God help me!!!

armybarmy said...

nice comments guys. Rochelle you make a good point about the 'faith healers' and the fear of people grasping at things that aren't true and it affecting their lives.
I'm a fan of medicine too. Less than $1 a month? wow. what can we do to help?