Monday, January 14, 2008

Finished... but not well.

So, I did a triathlon on Sunday past. It was quite a fun time actually. Besides the obvious gruelling on my body (particularly since I was classically 'under-trained'), as I finished the announcer said, 'here comes our second female finisher!' and everyone cheered and then it dawned on me that I hadn't done two laps on the run - only one. So instead of running 10k to finish - I only did 5k. Crazy. So, I asked if I could go back and do the next loop - but it was too late... I had already crossed the finished line. Now, despite being a funny story - I was disappointed. Mostly in myself - for not paying attention, for not pressing through, for finishing but not really... then I started wondering what it will be like in the final finish of our race on earth... I hope I'm not cheating the distance on this side of eternity - I hope I'm not taking the easy route - the shortcuts... I hope when they cheer in heaven (the great cloud of witnesses are surely a lively bunch) I actually deserve it.

The really good news in all this is that I survived the 1500m open ocean swim in two foot waves! Not drowning is an accomplishment! :-)

Grace for your journey and mine.
"I want to run in a manner that's worthy of the gospel." (Ephesians).


jsi said...

Great to know that your triathalon opportunity kept your head above the 2' waves. Sorry to hear about your disappointment - rats! You're right, it is important to pay full attention within our spiritual journey. The accidental shortcuts are not always obvious, but only seen in hindsight, and frequently it is with embarassment or grief that they are realized.
Embrace and enjoy your day today - you bring a good word this morning.

Carla said...

that's hilarious
and good lesson from it

Rochelle said...

OK, I get the disappointment, but I'm still proud of you. A triathlon is no joke. Blessings!