Monday, January 7, 2008

more questions...

some new questions for more non-'religious' inventory: (hattip: rm)

How often do you read a good secular book?
Have you ever sat in a bar and conversed with the occupants?
Do you protect the reputation of colleagues when they are criticized?
Do you own a hiphop CD?

and many more... the key is trying to live a Kingdom life - not just a religious one. The difference?
life that grows - not diminishes
life that is full - not empty
life that is abandoned - not restricted
life that is alive - not dead

and more... stay tuned.


Victory of the People said...

1- never - but im not too into books...but last year i had a goal to read a book a month - none were secular



4-no - but only beacuase i dont like 'hiphop' enough to buy a cd - i do have parental advisory cd's if those count ; )

Sarah Eldridge said...

Great blog Danielle!

In answer to the sat in a bar and conversed with the occupants - that's the biggest thing I miss about living in Collingwood! We would often sit at Bebida, Deelish, Suede or Gluttony all day, chatting to the people around us and to the people who stopped past. We had a theory that you could speak to every Collingwood local if you stayed in the one place all day! :)

Can I make a suggestion for something you might like to do? - Grab Ann Van Leerdam for a coffee one day and head to Kent Street. She is the most amazing community oriented woman Ann - and Kent St is her place. Everyone there knows and loves her and when she was ordained last year - they all came down to watch then threw her a party back at Kent St to celebrate! Some of the best lessons I've learned about incarnational living I learned from Ann at Kent St!!

Blessings to you x

Heather said...

1.) i have one I'm chompin' at the bit to get at now...

2.)our version of the bar is the local liquor house, where there is always a spot at the picnic table for the Salvation Army

3.)yes...usually to my detriment b/c I get all involved and then my face turns blotchy

4.) Alicia one no one no one...can get in the way of what I'm feelin'...even Rob'll crump to that! (check our blog for jan.16 for a visual)