Thursday, March 27, 2008

Freedom Day

From the Reader Newspaper (Melbourne) promoting Freedom Day... wish I could copy the picture - it's the best... stay tuned! check out for more locations!

Free to get cross
over trafficking

WHITEHORSE kids will be having fun
this Saturday all in the name of a good
The Salvation Army will host Freedom
Day, which is aimed at increasing
awareness about child trafficking.
The Stop the Traffik event aims to
highlight issues, including child labour
in cocoa production.
Salvation Army captain Gen Peterson
said the day hoped to show children
their voice counted on significant
She said while having fun the children
would be part of a global movement to
help highlight human trafficking.
To lighten up the mood kids will have
access to a host of activities, including a
jumping castle, face painting and a
sausage sizzle.
Freedom Day marks the anniversary
of the abolition of slavery.
Stop the Traffik will be held at the Box
Hill Gardens this Saturday, March 29
from 2pm.


Anonymous said...

Freedom Day is going to be the BEST! I can hardly wait! Yippee!

Victory of the People said...

did you know that Jaime Reifer has that tattoo. The key on the palm of the hand. When we were getting inked, the guy was like, i can do it on the palm but it will hurt like **** and it will likely fade.

Jaime replied with, ya, Human Traffiking does hurt (and i will suffer with those who suffer - i just added that, for gospel effect) and I want it to will be a prophetic tattoo...when it is gone...Traffiking will stop....

its a rad tat.