Wednesday, March 19, 2008

in but not of

So tonight at our cell group we were talking about how we can live 'in' the world but not be 'of' it. The writers of a resource called Living Simply suggest that the majority of Christians have it backwards... we don't live 'in' the world - we live in a huddle or a 'christian' world but we often live 'of' the world - in other words our lives (although cloistered from the 'evil' of the world) look remarkably similar to it. We are motivated and act almost identical to the world - our dreams and desires are basically the same.

So, we started thinking about how we could change it.

William Booth said every great Christian leader should lead with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in another. I think we need much more than a newspaper. We need friends... we need variety and full living colour. We need to get to know people who are not like us - on purpose.
And that takes effort. Much effort.

We've got a great opportunity to give it all away at self denial this year - shunning the worldly notion that they more you have the happier you are... that's a start. But we really must figure this out... any suggestions?


jsi said...

Having the newspaper in one hand requires me to keep my Bible in the other. Even our small town paper has terrible evidence of the deplorable things people are capable of doing to each other. The newspaper gives daily proof, within my zip code, of the brokenness which cries out for help.
The Bible gives an extensive description of the love story of God,knowing the brokennes and providing the thorough and complete answer in Christ Jesus.

You're right - releasing the desire to acquire more things leads to a simpler lifestyle. And less to dust and collate.

Embrace and celebrate this Holy Week in the presence of our loving God and His Son Christ Jesus.

Akinol said...

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