Sunday, May 4, 2008

Faith without works...

Was taking a look at James 2 (faith without works is dead) this morning at Shop 16 in resevoir - Melbourne. A challenge for sure... I've been reading 1 Kings at the moment and was reminded of the Hebrew idea of wisdom being rooted in skill rather than esoteric knowledge (more a greek idea). So, when James is speaking he is talking to audience of gentiles who have been schooled in greek philosophy and culture (just like us!)... and he's having to make a connection between faith and works (not a connection needed in a Hebrew culture - they are the same there).
We took a few minutes to ponder how we can fight the seemingly inevitable dualism (separation of spiritual from natural) in our world today...

a few ideas?
1. tell the truth
2. do what you sing (even in worship on a sunday)
3. worship every day...
4. be conscious of God's presence and your participation in His work of salvation every day
5. confess your sins to one another (for your healing - see James... I'm convinced this is also about combatting dualism but no time to explain...).
6. any other ideas????


Huddo said...

Hi Danielle,

This is Josh and I found your blog through Simon Moyle's Jahworks blog.

Anyway I read some of your commentary and respect your assistance to asylum seekers and other downtrodden.

I believe your ideas are worthy of the Subversive Blogger Award so consider yourself tagged and awarded!

See my blog Retro Vision for clarity and feel free to tag your fellow bloggers.


I agree with telling the truth that's always a good approach.

I don't sing much but I agree with the concept of acting out your ideals.

I don't feel like I worship every day, but thats only because my concept of worship is too used to the idea of closing eyes and raising hands.

Try to increase awareness of Christ but often get caught in the busyness of the day.

Definately agree with the concept of needing to combat dualism (since I found out what that word means)


AmieB said...

I havent seen the dvd by Rob bell yet which bring s about ideas of being 100% spiritual and 100% physical. which for most- we cant figure out what that means because 100 plus 1000 equals 200! ekkk!

might have soemthing to do with this topic though.

ALso i was reading this book by the guy who wrote 'experiencing God' and the days thought was about how God says 'I Am', simply 'I am'. As we join God in his work, looking for his presence in our everyday, God is also working with Us. When God said 'I am', he was perhaps referring to the different ways he works and appears to us... like the burning bush, or the ark or the covernant, or the parting of the red sea, or Jesus. Tgis is dynamic, changing and two way. As we work, seek God, and participate, God is also working and participating.

Make sense..?

THat wasnt really an idea rather an expansion on point 4!

Maybe a 6th, is sharing something personal with someone each day... when someone says 'how are you' we give stock standard 'good' response... mabye try something else? a bit more revealing.