Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holiness and Justice...

There is a connection between these things...
Wesley was noted for his notion that there is no holiness except social holiness... which is a nod to true holiness being infectious... it will impact the world.
I have many thoughts about holiness... I wonder if Isaiah 58 lived out is what holiness looks likes... I wonder about the nature of God's holiness being the perfect presence of Justice and bearing perfect peace - living that out in living colour... what does it look like... so I was picturing some things:
1. every spare room used for housing (hostels unnecessary)
2. every Christian a life bearer
3. generosity as a lifestyle
4. hunger ceasing because every one of God's children chooses to share
5. human trafficking stopped because of lack of demand...
6. people living what they know.

I'm interested in these things much more than the casual list of pathetic sins we think God came to save us from. I remember one leader telling me that Bono wasn't saved because he used the 'f' word... I may be inclined towards non-religious behaviour but I think his understanding and attempts at Isaiah 58 show fruit that he's got some holy power flowing in and through him... you remember the classic Tony Campolo (I heard Eva Burrows gave this a shot at a training college lecture years back) that kids are dying every day of hunger and we don't give a shit... and now you care more that I swore than you do that kids are dying of hunger... your offense is in the wrong direction. I'm offended at sin - social sin and systems and injustice and oppression - not just personal piety and religious sensibilities. let's aim for the goal. I'm going for Hebrews 12... a sprint towards God's kingdom come - last one there is a rotten egg!


Heather Saunders said...

Nice Blog.

This is very much linked to the revelation i've had this week. The existence of Heaven and Hell is much more about an eternal consequence to the injustice of our world, the social sins and oppression than us as individuals wanting to be immortal and live forever.

I can't believe it has taken me this long to reach that realisation but in a culture of me me me christianity perhaps it really isn't that surprising.


jsi said...

Hi there - I wanted to ask where you found this picture? It is compelling, haunting, disturbing. I have prepared a paper on Isaiah 58 and the believer's responsibility to care for the vulnerable - this picture communicates so much. It addresses the thesis of my paper and I would like to utilize if it is not copyrighted. If it is under copyright, I am interested to purchase it to use with my paper and presentation.
Do you know the photographer - are you the photographer? May I use this photo?
I didn't want to snatch it from someone who makes their living through the eyepiece of their camera.
I look forward to hearing from you! Embrace and enjoy the day God has given you.