Saturday, June 21, 2008

things we value...

Was having some great conversation today about the things we value... really, really value and then how we show it... for example:
in an institution setting - budgets are moral documents...
in a personal setting - where you live and what you invest in matters..
in a social setting - who you are friends with and who you give preference too matters!

I'm ready 7 ways to change the world by Jim Wallace... stay tuned (after a two week stint in the bush of Zambia) for some meaty quotes on social justice.
In the meantime think on this:
what do you value? and how can people tell?
this can work in both directions - sometimes we hold to certain values in our belief system but then if we actually critically think through our spending, lifestyles and habits we realize that we don't really value those things the way we would like... some readjustment is in order... and the reverse can also be true..

so for two weeks while I'm in Zambia I'm going to be doing some thinking and searching around the area of what I value... I'm praying for my life to align with the Kingdom of God...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hard work you put into your blog Danielle ... I've been reading now for a couple of months ... I think we see some things differently, but you make me think ... have a good time in Zambia ... I'll pray the Lord will bless you ... From Appreciative.

jsi said...

It is nearly impossible to hide what we value, especially if we embrace a transparant life.

The important questions, yes, very true - what do you value? Does it show? Do others know it or is it a secret? Do sacred matters influence your values? They are all fundemental questions which need matures seeking and mature answers.

God values people and calls me to continually add dignity, grace, tenderness, compassion and advocacy in my communication. Does my life reflect God values? Is His touch evident in what I say and why? Can someone find evidence of the touch of God through my life? Is the example of Christ shining in my life? Can someone capture the fragrance of God or the stench of selfish pride and ambition?

I am praying for you and the ministry you share while in Zambia. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Malcolm Irwin said...

Hey, I'm currently engaging with Jim Wallace's "7", though from the colder and safer confines of Dunedin. I love how Wallace claims our values demand commitments - what we believe we do. We simply can't finger-point and state the issues, that's not going to help that much. We have to "share" what we value and then with some guts, creativity and determination, show a commitment to enacting our values. Its a good read.