Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiness - spread the word...

It's sanctification day - this is the remembered day when Samuel Logan Brengle (a big holiness teacher) got holy. He had an encounter with God that left him good. I recently talked to some young people who gathered for a holiness weekend retreat and asked what they thought of about the concept of holiness. I shared that when I was young I thought holiness was synonymous with religious... that it was about rules, and external conditions and boring lives etc...
They said they had never heard of it.
They said they had never heard of it. Wow.
I often wondered how in the Old Testament a whole generation can grow up without knowing the powerful reality of God's presence when their parents and grandparents were right in the thick of it... this is how: One generation rejects something out of ignorance or apathy or indifference or misunderstanding or lack of personal encounter or experience and then never mentions it again. Holiness meetings turn seeker sensitive and no-one mentions the idea that we could live without sin because it may cheapen grace and make people feel guilty if they do sin.. we stop talking holiness because we aren't really holy and it just feels hypocritical...
The thing is I've met many holy people. People who are completely sold out - no compromise left in them - they are submitted fully to the Lordship of Christ and they are the most fun, free and abandoned people I know - they live adventurous lives - they life full and large. I want what they have and here is the news if you haven't heard it before.. I can have it and so can you. You can completely surrender to the Lordship of Jesus and live a fully abandoned, holy life. Revolutionary?! Let the Holy revolution begin in you and then spread the word.


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Dissenter said...

"Entire Santification" is a non-orthodox and false Christian doctrine that was popularised by Wesley and consequently inherited by the Salvos.

If you are spreading theological lies about santification, what other untruths do you also encourage? How can you claim real faith?

If you are not worshiping the true God, does it not suggest demonic origin?

You are truly evil.

Seeker of The Light said...

Yikes! Dissenter sure doesn't like holiness!

Nicely put, Danielle- you are "spot on." I think people like Dissenter feel the way they do, because they have not seen holiness lived out in real Christians. That should be us modeling holiness. And that should make us want to live it all the more.


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