Sunday, March 25, 2007

Amazing Grace released!

It is finally out in CANADA. This is a must see for all world changers.


Jacynta said...

So talk about being ripped of, there is a chance that it won't come out in Adelaide!!!!! The one movie I have wanted to see with a passion in 18months might not be played, what a stinkin rip!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! In moments like these, piracy laws come under scruteny!!!! What is holy what is not??? Hmmmm so many questions, peter footer has this whole philosophy that because its hard for rich people to go to heaven we should help them by stealing movies, results being less gross income! Praise Jesus! All the way to the cop shop!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacinta.
The film will be shown in Australia, in fact there was a showing in Sydney on Sunday, at a local church. The down size is I have been told it wont be released until the middle of the year, around June I believe.

We need to keep the theme of Stop the traffik alive until then.

Brett Allchin

John said...

We took a block booking of 200 hundred seats at the local cinema, and shared the experience with most of the Corps.



armybarmy said...

Let's pray it out - massive.
Also, let's support it... as for ripping off Hollywood - i'm all for it (but not officially of course) ;-)

Jacynta said...

Of course not officially! Petes happy to know that he has your stamp of approval! Another good day for Kingdom advancement and unity!!!!
As for it coming out in Aus, of course it is, just not in adelaide, giant country town.

armybarmy said...

well, you are in the habit of flying to Melbourne to welcome guests... ;-)

Denise said...

We are taking our teen cell to see it tonight - I must say that I'm excited!

Holy Discontent said...

Lets not let the message be diluted by time, or other worthy causes.