Friday, March 30, 2007

To a better world...

From the Micah challenge (check out their website and receive a free weekly prayer directive towards justice - it's great). Jesus demonstrates in John 13, 1-17 his servant attitude that offers a new way of relating to each other and points to a new hope and vision. 'God of hope deliver us all from self-righteousness so that whilst we may call the world towards a different way, we might also, in your name, become the answer to the prayers of the silent, suffering, struggling ones.'

In the new movie Amazing Grace, William Wilberforce answers the question, 'don't you want to make the world better?' to which he answers, 'I would want to make myself better first.' Stephen Court and Olivia Munn in their upcoming book (stay tuned for details) suggest that 'holiness is the solution to every problem'. Although the statement reeks of idealism and niaveness - the real rub of it is this: better people make for a better world. Let's be better and live for something more. For Swtichfoot fans: I Dare You To Move.

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