Friday, March 23, 2007

reinforcements from heaven...

another great night tonight at Kneedrill... most likely my last (although I keep threatening that!).
Tuesday night Kirsten Ivany was enrolled (as per picture above - with Jonathan and Aaron).
Tonight we transferred in Jenea Gomez... two solid warriors for the battle here.
What a priviledge to have them both on the line. Tara suggested we are going for the Spartan standards. I agree (although we could all work on our abs!).
If all that isn't enough we were able to pray and bless the new leadership of the local front here... Jonathan and Carla Evans and Aaron and Cherie White. If you thought the soldiers were buff - you should spend some time fighting alongside these leaders. Stellar. And speaking of that - maybe you really should.:-)
God is good. Let this shot encourage you:

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Kathryn said...

I totally agree. . . Aaron and Cherie - i still miss them so much and they've been gone for a few years now. Jonathan and Carla - i don't know them as well, but i have really nice memories of them from Camp Selkirk and from the first SA Roots.