Saturday, October 6, 2007

Australia Southern Territory goes FAIRTRADE

The Australian Southern Territory has officially announced that they are starting the Fairtrade journey by instituting a policy that all SA units will use fairtrade hot beverages.... it is a start to a long walk to equal distribution in the world - but what a powerful thing it will be. Stay tuned for more specific details - suffice to say - YEAH GOD!


Anonymous said...

Hope that Fair trade stuff becomes easier to get. The chocolate tastes good but is hard to find around. Since Schweppes and Cadbuary are linked companies and I think Nestles and Coca cola are linked, is there any problem with cola or is there a Free trade cola?I dont know how much cola nut is used in production butit seems to come from the Ivory coast and I believe thats where the problems are with cocoa beans. Do you have any info on this please. Given how addictive cola is it doesnt seem a far jump to believing it may be "bad" or tainted in other ways. seems addiction is the enemies way of ensuring top levels of consumption of tainted products. Trouble is you dont knowyou are addicted till you try a few days without. How do you think a "caffiene free" week would go? Could be made a fund raiser along the lines of 40 hr famine (get kids involved and let people feel how addictive it is) also might lead people to not seeing addicts as some out there aliens, since they too are addicted to a drug (even if it is legal and socially acceptable)

Kathleen said...

How is this going to be implemented?
I had some ideas about it today.
YEAH God Absolutely!