Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Freedom Fridays

Sometimes for things like Sexual Human Trafficking we feel paralyzed. But as Christians we have something we can always 'do' even when we feel there is not much else.
We can pray.
There are over 50 people committed to fasting and praying every Friday at noon (that's not counting the Canadians who are already doing this) - just from one good meeting (as of Thursday last week)... I'm sure there are more. Every other week you will receive a prayer directive to help you pray. I believe that if we call upon the Lord - He will act on behalf of the victims of human trafficking. Anyone else want to join up to Freedom Fridays?
I've heard of young people praying at school during lunch on Fridays - women of all ages booking the Corps sanctuaries for fasting and prayer and countless other individuals who go without lunch to identify with the pain of victims and spend extra time on Fridays asking God for His intervention. Want to be counted among them? join up today at justsalvos@aus.salvationarmy.org (type freedom fridays in the subject line and you are officially in!).
Let's pray and then believe God is going to expose, free, and bust open some darkness so light can pour in...

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Anonymous said...

Debbie Messenger has blogged ( http://debmessy.spaces.live.com/ ) on Oct 6th about a recent Child Protection Conference run by the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) in Manila which included girls who had been victims of sexual trafficking. She says "The young girls at the conference called for police and organisations to free them with dignity". It makes thought provoking reading. I will join your prayers with these additional ones... that these women and children will be treated with dignity and respect during the actions that free them and that subsequent rehabilitation will restore them to wholeness. We must lift our voices to governments as well as to God and demand that laws dealing with these situations be updated to avoid causing further pain in the lives of those who have already suffered far more than enough. May the Lord strengthen and protect all those who fight against this evil.