Tuesday, October 30, 2007

we are not bound...

“You are not bound by any stereotyped or antiquated notions. What is being done in Europe or America, or what has been done in India, or what is being done at present need not be any rule to you, unless you can see it calculated to gain the end you have in view.

Go, my comrades, and pray, and look about you, and thus acquaint yourselves with local modes of thought and feeling and action, and then adapt yourselves to them, so far as adaption shall be consistent with the doctrines of the Bible and the principles of The Salvation Army.

William Booth


Anonymous said...

Great quote - is it published in a book somewhere?

With Holy Discontent said...

Funny, I am sure i read this quote yesterday in a newsletter that i get from a friend in NZ. It is a great quote.


John said...

Excellent quote, Danielle


armybarmy said...

Yep. It's from NewZealand... you guessed it... well, I suppose it's from England and is old enough to be up for grabs but I got it from the Kiwis!
Now, to adapt!