Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blast from the past

here's some warriors fighting for revolution... (can you name the Cadet?)


Anonymous said...

Cadet = Rachael Collins.

Do I win a lifetime exemption from Training College?

Secret Soldier

Victory of the People said...

what if i can name one cadet and two others who are likely going to be in her session? (diffent territory, same session)

Danielle said...

well, I suppose a prize is a good idea... I thought the real prize was the fun in selecting... an exemption from training - I cannot give... and if you can guess the other two - it would be fun for this blog!

Andy MacDonald said...

I can guess anything you put in front of me.... Likely to get it wrong though.
Tell you, I would find it hard to name everyone in that photo...
Ohh man....

aaron white said...

Esther, Sue Ann, Phil, Darren, Xander, Rachael, Linsey.

Rachael, Linsey, Sue Ann (?) going into training.

Who can throw in some nicknames?



KiR said...

Who out of these guys are NOT going to be officers? Honestly?
As for nicknames...
Phil - Phillibus
Alexander - Xander
Darren - Daz
As for the rest... ???

Victory of the People said...

nicknames eh..

or aaron as you might say
slighly less fat justice

Carla said...

I'd like to weigh in and suggest that you do a fast from showering or full immersion bathing for 30 days. You could always do a sponge bath. After the fast you could likely identify more readily with homeless people or Eskimos who live in igloos?


Danielle said...

this picture cracks me up...
anyway, Carla - do you really think the world deserves to put up with me unbathed?
I think General Burrows lived that way for about 17 years in Africa as an early officer... isn't it amazing that we balk at it?
I might try it in the summer when swimming is an option?! ;-)