Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Cure for Hate?


aaron white said...

Because it is easier, and more politically expedient - short term - to fight hatred with hatred, violence with violence.

But there is no future in it.

People tell me non-violence and loving your enemy does not work. But I'm not sure it's really been tried on a large scale. (Ghandi and MLK Jr. tried it, of course. They were massively successful, but their followers did not really carry it on, tragically.)

Violence and hatred has been tried, repeatedly, and it has failed repeatedly. It always reproduces more hatred and violence, at best passing on the problem to the next generation.

This is the at the heart of genocide. Kill them ALL, so there is no one left to seek revenge. Salt the ground so no one even remembers them, and there is no record left of our wrongs.

But hey, there's hope. I hear there is a new group of folks, called "Christians", who dig this love your enemy stuff. Maybe they'll do something to sort out the problem.



Bakes said...

I agree with Aaron - there's a cure already, it's called love. But it's hard, and it's all too easy to give up. I wonder what the cure is for that? Perseverance, I think. It'd be nice if that came in sugar-coated-pills-that-taste-like-chocolate form, because otherwise it's starting to sound like hard work....

Go figure.

Love you, sis,

Danielle said...

hmmmm. Karyn you may just be on to something... sugar-coated-pills-that-taste-like-chocolate and give you persevering love...
why didn't Jesus think of that??

Great comments guys.