Saturday, January 6, 2007

Weapons of Mass Salvation

Here's a link to a brilliant article by Jeffrey Sachs published in the Economist shortly after 9/11... he suggests a two pronged approach to defeating terrorism...

it struck me that although this article is secular in nature - there is a spiritual truth for the Salvation Army... dig in, I'd love to hear what you think it is.


Stephen confessed today to identifying with 'slackers' - more details to come... stay tuned. ;-)



rochelle said...

Danielle - just found your blog and got caught up - very cool. Sachs is brilliant. Living in Zimbabwe has certainly given me a lot more insight into how cheap life is in a lot of the world, and how far a bit of money could go if people really cared about their brothers and sisters that they've never met. There is always hope! grace for 2007! Rochelle

Jim Knaggs said...

New Year blessings to you and yours.

Rowan Castle said...

what!?!! slackers!??!! identify with?!?!? TELL IT NOT IN GATH, TELL IN NOT IN THE STREETS OF THE OTHER PLACE!

Mel Reynolds said...

Hi Danielle! How are you? I didn't know you had a blog until recently and was happy to see it. Thanks again for all you had to say at our Anya day in London. It was a significant day for so many. I am however, still concerned about your shopping disorder...are you seeking help yet?;)
Thoughts and prayers with you and your family,
Mel x