Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Living counter-culturally?

So, I've had some great suggestions (see the comment links) for my 30 day experiment year... I'll keep you posted on what I choose and how it goes.
So far the 'what would my sister eat' thirty days has hit a little hard this week. I must be in sugar withdrawal or something horrible like that.

Anyway, Carla's suggestion of not taking a bath or shower for a month (as an identification with the homeless), and the 'giving the finger to the devil' post got me thinking.
How do I live counter-culturally?

I don't have cable.
I give away money. (not to anyone who asks mind you - so don't bother!) :-)
I shop second hand (if I don't have a gift card)
I live in a bad neighbourhood (although my apartment is filled with others who do the same).
I pray. (to JESUS)
I live IN community.

I was trying to think of ways I live 'counter-culturally' and found it difficult. There is such a tension between being 'relevant' in order to be heard (in order to share the gospel) and being non-relevant on purpose to stick it to the 'man' as it were (to model Jesus to the world).
I fluctuate between these two things... trying to 'walk the line' as Johnny Cash might say.

Maybe I need to beef up my expression of holiness... what are some ways I can really live counter-culturally? without being a pharisee... or an insular, uptight Christian?


Intercession said...
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Carla said...

Okay, so if you think we don't deserve to put up with an unbathed Danielle, we could modify it so that you bathe but with only cold water for 30 days...
hahaha... it's funny how I'm suggesting it because I'd never do it myself.
And the purpose in it?
You'd be living counter-culturally!

But seriously, another thing you do that's living counter-culturally is that you've been known to work while on vacation... that is, taking vacation time to go minister somewhere. Most people protect their time off in any way possible.

P.S. Sorry that deleted comment was me... I messed up and had to repost

KiR said...

How about only eating from foodlines, donations or handouts (or from friends shouting for you). It would definatly be counter that independent spirit of eating what you want when you want. And would definately help you to identify with the majority of people in our neighbourhood.
Think about it at least.

Danielle said...

good ideas.
Mother Theresa only ate when food was out... served at a foodline or the convent... hmmm.
I would definately lose weight... although most of the stuff at the foodlines I know, might actually cause me to pack on a few pounds. ;-)

aaron white said...

Living counter-cuturally involves "treading lightly upon the earth", by which I mean not wasting, not taking more than our share, recycling when we can, sharing at all times.

Maybe a good 30 day experiment would be to actively try to waste nothing for a month.

A big part of not being pharisaical is doing these things for others, not out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.



Amy Reardon said...

I spoke with your sister and she said she ate 3 bags of Smarties, a Mars bar and a whole pie today. So chow down.


KiR said...

What about a 30 day buy-nothing period.
That's hugely counter-cultural.

Wow - this is a lot more fun making things up for someone else.

aaron white said...

30 days of no liquids whatsoever.