Thursday, September 25, 2008

top ten reasons you don't want to wear uniform

had a funny conversation today about reasons you don't want to wear uniform. here's the top 10
10. replacing the metal parts after dry cleaning
9. lifting arms in worship
8. high heels
7. nylons
6. tight tunic syndrome
5. little brooch doesn't sit right
4. ironing
3. finding the perfect uniform shoes
2. wearing a tie

and the number one reason:
1. not having time to direct people at the airport


Simon Peter said...

Terrible isn't it!

I find my work continually being interupted as I worry about these things everyday!! (*sarcasm*) lol

Wake up soldiers, we're turning into a weak Army..

Fiona K said...

i have to whole heartedly agree with numbers 9,7 and 3 (in fact, in regards to number 3, i am still wearing someone else's old hand me down shoes as i haven't found my own pair - but i've only been in uniform for 6 months....the search continues)

oh, and i dismiss 4 as i have rebelled and am one of the i don't wear a little brooch brigade.

Anonymous said...

Well, my black shoes are broke, so I wear white shoes to match the shirt. The tie gets a little tight, especially as a play drums in the worship team, I need all the circulation to my head that I can get to concentrate on those drums.
And my uniform pants are slightly ripped in the pocket, so i wear black jeans.
Its a different uniform, but it works. :D

(Solution for #9: Take the tunic off! The shirt is fine for worship!)

Anonymous said...

Uniform! - what uniform?
I am sure most of the general public don't even recognise the variety of 'bitsy' uniforms that are worn these days. If the police force did likewise they would be a lost cause!

kristopher j said...

i agree with anon... it's rare to find an Officer wearing an actual uniform and not a bland, pale blue shirt with the miniscule "the salvation army" print (the same type of shirts train ticket inspectors wear) or a polo (the same type of polo my Mum wears at the petro-chemical plant).
In a white shirt with ep's or even better a full navy blue i am constantly recognised on the streets as a salvo and ALWAYS saked questions about 1. seeking assistance 2. Church, whereas i assume those in the pale blue shirts are more likely to be asked "which train do i catch to Caulfield".
Why isn't there a Red Shield on our uniforms instead of the barely readable small print we currently have? We know for a fact the Red Shield is one of the most recognisable and trusted brandings in Australia, why aren't we wearing it?

jsi said...

Unforgiving clothing for nursing mothers...that's the only drawback.

Darren said...

my uniform is a pair of jeans (fairtrade off course!) and a t-shirt with a big red shield on it. Yes i have been asked about where to catch the bus (but then i also drive a bus with the SA all over it) and i have been asked for directions at the airport. But i am asked about the quote on the back a lot, "so what can i do to disturb the present to better the future " etc... what a great question to start a question.

The best thing is you dont have to iron anything! Any shoes work, no dry cleaning, highly visable, and best of all its all ethically made?

How many of those SA uniforms are made using Fairtrade cotton?????

Mark said...

8, 7 & 5 appear specifically related to women. Of course most blokes I know couldn't care less about 10, 6, 4, 3 or 2!

SaschkaH said...

Why not make it a 'real' army uniform??? LOL.

A girl I know (a Soldier) is always saying the best uniform she'd imagine for TSA is fatigues and combat boots.

I think she's right... :D