Saturday, September 13, 2008

WOMEN in leadership

So, lots of talk these days about the vice president candidate Sarah Palin. Commissioner Joe Noland raised the comparison within the existing Salvation Army system - is it even possible to imagine:
44 year old women leader, mother of five, fiercly maverick - being made the chief of staff?
I think it's a good question - why do we disqualify some of our best leaders because of their marital status and/or motherhood?Surely being a good wife and mother is evidence of good character if not some leadership essentials. The real question is why on earth we would ever limit ANYONE with leadership gifts when the Kingdom needs desperately to keep advancing?
Frankly, I'm getting tired of simple asking the questions - it's time for some action. Here's some ideas:
1. if you have a gift - get it ready and start using it - cultivate it, shape it - challenge yourself (VOLUNTEER)
2. if you don't know your gift.. find some people who will speak into your life and help you discover the place you should serve
3. if you've been limited by the 'system' - get back up and start leading the kingdom to advance in whatever capacity you have to do so... just keep on... get people saved, discipled - lead from wherever you are..
4. challenge the status quo - refuse to accept mediocrity...
5. if you are man in leadership - actively look for able women who have leadership gifts and LET THEM LEAD.. figure it out.. cheers to those of you who have been doing this already!

those are just a few ideas- and I'm simply thinking outloud... but God help us figure it out soon.. for His Kingdom come!


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Bernard said...

As one who is not yet convinced of the egalitarian position re women and leadership (but has great respect for those who hold it), my response is as follows:-

1) I would suggest that there are some things which would limit the exercise of leadership gifts, such as character flaws (which I’m sure you would agree with) - Saul in the OT comes to mind, and Paul’s instructions to Timothy and Titus in the NT - but I suppose the fundamental question is, what guidance/limitations does the Scriptures give us regarding the exercise of leadership for both men and women.

2) Whatever our response to that question, I am in hearty agreement with your points 1 to 4, but I would take a complementarian approach to point 5.

However, whether we are male/female, egalitarian/complementarian in our understanding, we are each called to love the Lord with all our being, and to strive with all the energy he gives us to do his will as we understand it. As we do, we can be confident that he will certainly build his church, and his kingdom will definitely come, despite our weakness and confusion.

Though I may see this issue from a complementarian position, thank you for your ongoing challenge and provocation, and keep loving and serving the Lord in the way he leads you.

Claire Merrett said...

Sarah stole my response hehe...Amen!