Thursday, September 4, 2008

Urgent request for prayer - India Northern Territory

The Salvation Army
International Headquarters
Office of The General

To:- Active and Retired Commissioners,
Active and Retired Territorial Commanders,
Officers Commanding

Dear Colleagues in Christ,

Urgent request for prayer - India Northern Territory

I am asking on an urgent basis for prayer for our Salvationist comrades in the India Northern Territory. Salvationists in the State of Orissa have been directly impacted by recent civil disorder and are in need of our loving thoughts and earnest prayers.

Following the deaths of local Hindu leaders, some fundamentalist Hindu citizens have been offering violence to their Christian neighbours, including Salvationists. Two corps halls have been destroyed together with a quarters building, and 100 Salvationists are now hiding in fear in the nearby forests. Please pray that God will protect them.

Also our Boys' Home has been destroyed. Thirty children and the officers caring for them are now in police protection. Please bring this situation to God in prayer. Efforts are being made to relocate the children to another of our homes.

Please pray for Colonels Kashinath and Kusum Lahase, territorial leaders, and all their staff, and especially for the divisional leaders in Orissa.

God grant a swift return to normality and a restoration of tranquility in these communities.

To date there are no reports of Salvationists injured or killed.

Thank you for your fidelity in prayer. God bless you all.

Yours in Christ,

Shaw Clifton


dawne said...

Wow, this hits close to home. These countries cannot survive without your fervent, intentional, sacrificing prayers. God is alive in Asia and He is working and changing lives through the work of the SA. Please stand together as a Christian body and pray for the injustice that our fellow believers have to endure. It's not just a story. These are real people, with real stories, with real families and have real trials in their ministries. Dawne Warkentin

Clint said...

I have heard of pastors being killed and nuns been raped and things like that...

We need to pray and look for anything else that can be done.