Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The big news...

It is now official that we are under farewell orders. We are appointed to the Australian South Territory under the formidable leadership of Commissioner Knaggs.

Our appointments are:
Stephen - Assistant Personel Secretary: Leadership/Officer Development
Danielle - Territorial Social Justice Director

They are officially effective March 1st - but depend on VISA and travel times...

Your prayers at this time for the transition of our ministry and our families would be appreciated.
We are believing for His Kingdom come... to the ends of the earth.

Great Grace


Andrew said...

Hi Danielle,


Look forward to connecting with you guys in Aus. Please be assured of our continual prayer support during this time, for you, Stephen, Zion and the 614 Vancouver Community.

I know it will be early in your time, but I hope you can get up to the i'll fight social justice conference in Sydney. Check out www.illfight.com.au

Look forward to seeing you Danielle.

Much love and grace,
Andrew (& Kirsty)

Gods child said...

hey Danielle, kathy and i are going to miss you at music camp!! We'll be thinking about ya! i'd love to hear from you.. ttyl

Love Chella

Campbell Roberts said...

Stephen and Danielle
Fantastic news that you are to spend some time in the South Pacific.
It is awesome Danielle that you will be concentrating on social justice. The Spirit is re-birthing in the Army a passion for justice and your appointments are going to be an important part of this.
My prayer for your transition to and movement from


Bakes said...

HOLY SMOKES! That was NOT what I was expecting to read here tonight! Yikes. Well that rather sucks for us, eh? But I pray that you and Stephen and Zion will experience the fullness of God's will for your lives and ministry.

You are well, well loved and will always remain so.

(And by the way, we darn well better do coffee before you go, because the commute gets a little nasty after!)


james said...

Im an aussie so YEY!!!! Im heaps pumped for you guys coming over here and the work God is starting here and continuing on with you guys! God Bless you and your family! Look forward to seeing you here in the great southland of the Holy Spirit!!!

Captain Andrew Clark said...

Believing God has big things for you all..bring it on God!

...with love and prayers from the Clarks in the UK.

PS..can you come here next please, we need your help!

Capt Christopher said...

what great news for Aust Southern.
We Look forward to having you both here.
God Rocks!!
just when i thought i had some things figured out POW!!! God intervenes. Grace Happens and How!!

We pray all will be well for you over the next few weeks.

when your settles feel free to come over for a BBQ.
Chris topher & Catherine Garcia

Crazy Christina said...

Hey there! Long time...

I found out about your new appointment through Mission Board at my corps and had to track you down! Amazing the people you find on the WWW! :) This new appointment will be very different, and I wish you and Stephen all the best. This is a great opportunity for you both...and you can't beat those Aussie accents! I will pray that the work that God has been doing through 614 in Vancouver (and everything else that has been going on out there!!!) will continue to be centred around Him, even as you leave.

All the best as you strive to serve the King!

Love in Christ,
Christina (Timmermans) Bulgin

HS said...

Hey, Danielle. To the ends of the earth . . . Knowing that social justice is not just a buzzword for you, but the intention of your heart, I'll be praying for all kinds of open doors and windows.

Mary said...

Wow - I got to meet Capt. Stephen @ ACC in San Fran, but I've not had the opportunity to meet you yet. :-( However, the Army world being as small as it is, I hope we have the chance to meet up someday. Tell Comms. Knaggs that Mary from Pioneer sends her love. :-)

armybarmy said...

thanks for your prayers and comments folks!
Surely the Lord is in this move... we believe Him for His promises to go 'before and behind' us.
The World for God!

SalvoJo said...

Hey guys!
I'm so excited to see what God is doing right now for the future of our territory (Aust Sth)!!!! You guys are an important part of the spiritual revolution that's about to take place. As little as I know about you, I can see that the passion you bring is spirit-inspired. We cadets at the Training College will be excited to meet up with you guys and share the passion for the lost and to see our world powerfully transformed in the name of Jesus! (here's hoping we'll get to see you both at regular intervals!)
Our prayers are with you in this transition and as you move into your new positions. Bless you guys... and thank you Lord!!!

surrendered said...

hey, i just heard the other day and wanted to say I'll miss you guys! not that I see you that often, but, hey, when Sarah and I go visit her parents, we'll have to hook up. thanks for everything you and Steve have meant to me and my family.