Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dance upon injustice

Hat tip to Salvokat... and great pics too. A great picture and a great idea... let's dance upon injustice.
Good theme tonight actually, because I saw the movie Stomp The Yard... WOW.. I'd like to dance like that on injustice.
God release the gifts that will help us to dance... let this generation move freely and with joy - keep the enemy under our feet! Everybody dance now!!
If you need to learn some justice dance moves and are around the Vancouver area... check out RAW (details at now they CAN dance.


kathleen said...

I'm working hard on my dance moves.
Thanks for the continual inspiration.

Bless you Danielle.

KiR said...

Hey, is it actually written anywhere in the bible to "dance upon injustice"?
I haven't been able to find it...

Anonymous said...

for those of you who want to dance upon injustice, have a look around. Check out these sites.

and (the recruiting site)

We dance and sing upon injustice in England and our company Innervation Trust, are always looking to recruit people of 17 - late 20's, who have a passion for doing just that!

It's worth a look right?

Also, if you find that verse let us know :)

Lots of love,


jennswii said...

hi, thanks for your post. if you're interested, i put together a video about dancing upon injustice. check it out if you have a moment.