Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Revolution Hawaii

Our friends Rob and Denise Noland are leading the charge here at Revolution Hawaii... it is a disciplined, spiritual, authentic community... a great team of revolutionaries who are learning about going deeper into God and wider into their communities and the world. The last week they spent homeless... trying to both understand, relate and impact the homeless community. If I were 18 years old + and wondering what to do with a year of my life... I'd consider Revolution Hawaii... surely a year that will change the context of the rest of your life. Check it out:

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John said...


If you get a chance, Danielle, you should also check out the work of New Hope in Hawaii

They are doing some great stuff there in Oahu. My family & I used to visit there when my sister in law lived on the island, and a trip to New Hope was always on the schedule.

Mahalo for mentioning that most wonderful place. I'm with you...if I was 18, it would be Hawaii for me!