Saturday, February 24, 2007

Human Trafficking

God, please free the victims of human trafficking around the world. Forgive us for our indifference... ignite a passion in us to rise up and act justly... let the Spirit be upon us to free the captives, in Jesus' name. Amen.


614:leadership said...
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614:leadership said...


Do you have a copy of the book REVOLUTION: A Field Manual for Changing your World? by Hether Zadek?

armybarmy said...

nope. do you recommend it?

614:leadership said...


I will send it to you. It tackles 12 justice issues of our day by the leading fighters of the issue. But it doesn't just leave it at an overview, it gives action steps and agencies.


Rehoboth said...

Human trafficking is an issue that has gripped me since Roots 2005 but it was still removed from me until just over a week ago I met a woman prisoner in Ethiopia whose two children have been trafficked. Her name is Desinia, which means "My sister"
(There are more details on my blog)

I came home but I cannot walk away.

Keep up the fight

God bless