Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I was walking home from the War Room the other day. I kept seeing stuff that moved my spirit and filled me with hope.
It was cool. All around me (in the two blooks from the rooming house to my apartment) everything seems grey, dull, and well - nasty. I pass by abandoned buildings, drug addicts, bars and a strip club. But that morning I kept seeing COLOUR.... tonnes of it... words like LOVE, JUSTICE, HOPE every few doors was a new message from God. It was SO COOL... and the thing about it is that I knew who was responsible... it was hopelessly, devoted, eternally optimistic warriors, dedicated to the rebuilding, restoring and renewing of the devestated cities... especially the downtown eastside. I was assaulted with Love. It was beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes, and a fresh hope to my walk. What a witness!

Here are the pics. (For more check out Olivia's blog).
A big shout-out to Olivia and her warrior gang for marking the Kingdom of God in blazing colour on the dull landscape of a sinful world. You guys rock. I'm proud to be associated with the likes of you. May all your words/witness bear fruit that lasts.
God grant it.


Rob Reardon said...

I saw this on Olivia's blog the other day. I agree with you that adding color to the doldrums of grey are refreshing. Add to the the color, the messages of hope and love and grace...what a message.

Congrats on the new appointment. While it will take you away from the familiar, it will give you a larger platform from which to proclaim freedom for the captives! Go with God!

HS said...

I remember driving to our N. Philadelphia appointment down Ridge Ave., and being on the lookout for hope. Probably the most impoverished US neighborhood I've been in (I don't get out much, so I am limited in my perspective), but the signs were there nonetheless, including this huge cemetery that seemed to be just groaning for "that day". It was so easy to get overwhelmed by the hard stuff, so I forced myself to look for hope . . .